About the Teacher

Will Dalton An Australian native, Will was born and raised in the beachside suburbs of Sydney. He was an early starter. While still in his teens, Will crewed world-famous racing yachts, and after entering the field of stock brokerage, became a protégé of one of Australia's most colourful business magnates. By the age of 20, Will had his own real estate office, had won awards as an auctioneer and had reached the top 1% in nationwide sales. It was then that Australia's fastest growing realty firm identified him as someone worth acquiring - better as a human asset than as a competitor. Will's career in realty was successful but was not destined to define him. Having learned meditation with Thom Knoles, Will's appetite for greater knowledge in yoga and the Vedic worldview drew him to Hawaii, where he became qualified as a yoga instructor.

Will Dalton's yoga classes quickly became legendary as he grew to be one of the most sought-after yoga teachers first in New York City and then in Los Angeles. While living in New York, Will witnessed the infamous terrorist attacks of 11th of September, 2001, and convinced his friend and meditation teacher, Thom Knoles, to come out of retirement to teach meditation where it was most needed: at the epicentre of a city recovering from trauma and havoc. The benefit that meditation brought to the need of the time convinced Will to continue to organize courses for Thom in Los Angeles, and then to become a teacher himself. He completed his training as a Meditation Initiator (instructor) in April 2005, in Rishikesh, in the Indian Himalayas.

Course Details

Public Courses for beginners

Having attended our free intro session you will have the option to participate in our Beginner Meditation Course. Typically the course commences the day following the Introductory Talk and consists of four 90-minute sessions over four consecutive days. Conveniently we offer the same session twice each day to accommodate people with different schedules. The course is structured to give you ample time to learn the technique and integrate the practice of meditation into your life within those four days. The teaching format is relaxed, enjoyable, and very informative. Group sizes usually range from 3 to 10 participants. During the four days we will give you a comprehensive understanding of how Vedic meditation works and enough experience to feel competent as a meditator by the end of the course.
Once you complete the course you will gain an all access pass that allows you to repeat our program, attend our weekly knowledge meetings and monthly dinner party events (indefinitely) at no additional cost. You will also have free access to our International Network of Vedic Meditation teachers allowing the ability to gain ongoing support and guidance with your meditation practice in many cities throughout the world.

Cost: Each student will be asked at commencement of the course to make a sliding-scale financial contribution in exchange for their instruction. Our objective is to make learning this technique affordable for everyone.